Engaging With Our Community

“Big societal challenges require engineering methodologies and solutions. It is important for our students to be engaged with our community, learn about their challenges, and apply their engineering mindset and training to solve these problems.”

Vijay Kumar
Professor and Nemirovsky Dean
Penn Engineering




A Penn Engineering Community Partner, TechCore2 is a program in West Philadelphia with a goal to create a viable, flexible and sustainable technology training and certification pipeline for Philadelphia Youth.

This is a new service opportunity just for Penn Engineering students. Find out more on our Opportunities Page!

S.T.R.E.A.M Engine

S.T.R.E.A.M Engine strives to provide instruction, support, and mentorship in science, technology, robotics, and more.

Civic House

A dynamic on-campus community engagement hub. With opportunities via student groups, Alternative Spring Break, and Civic Scholars.

Netter Center

Penn has a lot to offer and volunteering is no exception. The Netter Center are doing some great things. We have a list of opportunities we have curated, but you can also visit their page directly to see what they are doing and how to get involved.