Committed to community engagement as an integral aspect of engineering education.  

The goal of PESTLE is to provide an opportunity for all Penn Engineering students to engage with the Philadelphia community. Engineers are trained to be problem solvers and few problems that matter to the world are solved in a vacuum or without affecting people and the community in which they live. As part of your experience as Penn Engineering students, we would like you to participate in volunteer activities and get to know the space, place, and people of West Philadelphia, within which the University of Pennsylvania is situated.

For  more information on the history of Penn and West Philadelphia, visit the Netter Center for Community Partnerships on the importance of University Engagement:


There are multiple opportunities for engagement, whether they are one-time service events or ongoing commitments, student organization activities, School initiatives, or University partnerships with local community centers. We ask that you spend at least 20 hours in the course of your academic career at Penn to learn about the world now to work towards a better future.

Fireside Chat

Explore engaging discussions on topics about Penn Engineering students’ learning, skill development, and career advancement through community service and civic engagement. Dive into insightful conversations to ignite your passion and leadership potential.

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